Vaughn Bode
Vaughn Bode

Thoughts on Vaughn...

" What can I say about Vaughn? The only thing I can say is that Vaughn was one of the lights of America. When he brought his show to France, I went to see him. It was incredibly fantastic. He made a lecture fantastic... Vaughn really was a star. He was the only artist who was like a star in that sense... "

- Moebius

" Vaughn not only created his cartoon universe, he lived there all the time. He knew exactly how his characters talked, moved and thought. "

- Bernie Wrightson

" I'm like Vaughn Bode, I'm a Cheech Wizard...Never quittin'...So won't you listen. "

- the Beastie Boys lyrics from " sure shot " off Ill Communication

Vaughn Bode Toronto Comic Con 1974

-video just surfaced in 2006!- view the videos! -

Vaughn Bode speaks on creator rights, censorship, Stan Lee, National Lampoon, Jeff Jones, East Village Other, the birth of Cheech Wizard, creating and living his art. Thank you to Sigmund Humanski.

Vaughn Bode Toronto Comic Aon 1974

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